B is for Brazil by Maria de Fatima Campos
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

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Review published in RPS JOURNAL November 1999
B is for Brazil: beautiful eco-lessons for kids
B is for Brazil is the title of a picture book for children by Maria de Fatima Campos ARPS. B in this case might also be for bright, bold and beautiful, for the book is certainly all of these things.
Originating from Brazil, and now spending most of her time in London, Maria is keen to present her country in a positive light. The book succeeds in this, providing an alternative take on aspects of Brazil with which we are all too familiar in a negative context. Of the Amazon rain forest, for instance, she says: A is for Amazon rain forset, the largest one in the world. The millions of trees that grow here are very important as they help control the world's climate and keep the air clean for us to breathe - the rain forests of Brazil are sometimes called 'the lungs of the world'."
Throughout, she preesnts Brazil as a country of spectacular beauty and great natural resource, which should on no account be squandered.

J is for Jangada, a small fishing boat

So, in a sence, the book is a plea for sanity and a hymm to beauty. It is, on the other hand, a very effective childrens' picture book, which should be of interest in the long term preservation of the planet's ecosystems.
The book has already been published in Danish, with plans afoot for its publication in Portuguese, for distribution in Brazil and Portugal.
B is for Brazil by Maria de Fatima Campos
Published by Frances Lincoln Ltd
ISBN 9781845073169

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