Victoria's Day by Maria de Fatima Campos
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Review in the Royal Photographic Society magazine

Reviewed by Write Away web site

Review of Victoria's Day by Write Away web site

Here is the review from School Librarian magazine by Angela Redfern

Down’s syndrome – picture book
Victoria’s Day
Maria de Fatima Campos, price £11.99
ISBN 978-1-84507-571-2
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
This picture-documentary by the photographer/author follows her
daughter’s day at nursery. The text is simple, the photographs great, and the implicit argument about the worth of inclusive education is eloquently argued. This is a ‘must have’ book for primary/nursery settings and children’s libraries.

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Blog page of the Down Syndrome Community in USA

Victoria's Day....Posted Aug 25 08 2:49pm This week, while we were at the library getting our weekly supply of books [Emma Sage takes out between 30 and 40 books a week] as part of our homeschooling curriculm to read.

We are using a literature based homeschooling program and we learn many of our lessons from the fast variety of books that we are blessed to be able to access at our local library.

As we were walking through the shelves of children's books, [up on the top of the shelves, the librarian always has a collection of books set up to look at and take] I hear Emma Sage exclaim.....

"Look Mommy, she is beautiful just like me" pointing up to a book on the top of the shelf.

We take it down to add to our pile, and I get this huge smile across my face.

This is the book that Emma Sage found:

It is called Victoria's Day by Maria de Fatima Campos

This book just made my heart soar, first because my daughter noticed right away the beauty of the child on the cover as possessing the same unique beauty she also possesses.

The second facet of the book that is amazing is that it never talks about Down syndrome or is a celebration of a Day in the Life of Victoria [and the exact reason I have this blog for Emma Sage, to share with the world the Normalcy of Difference]. The last page has resources and information on inclusion.

So, please don't mind Emma Sage's bed-head in the picture, but she was so excited about her library find and we wanted to share!

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