Victoria Goes to Brazil by Maria de Fatima Campos
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Victoria's mother was born in Brazil and she is taking Victoria to see the place of her birth. From a coffee farm to a saint's day procession, from a street children's shelter to a huge family barbeque, Victoria learns about her mother's country and warms to her big Brazilian family.

Review on the Write Away web site
Review of Victoria Goes to Brazil by Write Away web site

Review from Keeping Up with Down Syndrome NSW

Victoria Goes to Brazil (by Maria de Fatima Campos, Frances Lincoln Children's Books, UK, 2009) is a picture book that tells another story of Victoria, a young girl with Down syndrome (seen in an earlier book, Victoria's Day - about her life at pre-school). She travels to Brazil to visit her mother's birthplace and family. Down syndrome is never mentioned except as a small note at the back of the book. It is a beautiful book about Brazil and meeting family. It would be great in school or public libraries (as well as for children with Down syndrome) as it portrays a person with Down syndrome doing just what any other child would do. Victoria's mother (the author) is a photographer and has a website that includes more about Victoria as well as a story, Victoria and Me, done for the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK about Victoria's first three years and about Down syndrome.

Look you can even buy it in Japan!
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